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Road Worthy Certificate

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 Register my Vehicle into My Name

 • Renew my Vehicle Licence

Change my Address at the Licensing Department

For Assistance

We can assist you in obtaining a Road Worthy Certificate in Pretoria only and in combination with other transactions in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

You need a Road Worthy certificate under the following circumstances:

 • When you register a used vehicle in your name and need a license disk issued.’

 • Once a year when you use a vehicle for public transport including goods.

 • Road worthy Certificate cannot be older than 60 days for the license to be issued.

 • You do not need a Road Worthy Certificate to register a vehicle in your name. In such a instance you will pay the license fee and obtain a receipt without the disk.

 Documents needed to obtain a Road Worthy certificate:

 • Vehicle details as lodged on the license disk ie. Register no, VIN no, Engine number.

 • Copy of person who applies for RWC ID.

 • Vehicle must either have a valid license or a Temporary permit.

 • Application form will be supplied at the testing station.

Cost and Fees to obtain a RWC.

 • Road Worthy Test are only done in Pretoria and centurion.

 • R 995 for first test.

 • R 595 for retest if done within 14 days from first test.

 • Fees are payable on collection of vehicle.

Help me To Obtain a Vehicle Road Worthy Certificate